Custom Orders

One of our favorite things to do here at the Kulturology Soap Company is to create custom soaps and other skin care goodies for special occasions, store displays, and personal use. Here we include a few ideas from past projects but we are always happy to bring your ideas to life!

We can create a unique soap for your special day…they can be full size 4 oz bars, half size 2 oz bars…one variety or two varieties (one that represents you and one that represents your future spouse) or even three varieties that represent you, your partner, and the coming together of two! We can package them in singles, doubles, triples…your are limited only by your imagination!!

Retail Display Ideas

Soaps for campers, soaps for dogs, soaps for mechanics, soaps for Hipsters, soaps for men, soaps for gardeners…we can create a soap that represents your business and serves your customers needs. Big bars, small bars, something in between! One variety, a dozen varieties, or “your” variety! Galvanized tubs, oak split baskets, wood crates or glass apothecary jars…we can put together the right display for your business!

Bricks and Blocks

Charcoal Soap Brick
Charcoal Soap Brick

Many of our customers prefer to cut their own soaps…maybe they need a big, chunky bar for their morning showers but a small bar for that weekend getaway…our bricks fill that need. Available in 2 pound bricks and 8 pound blocks.


If you have a project or idea you would like to see brought to life, you can send questions through our contact form or email us at