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Happy Earth Day!

Spring Has Arrived…and the Dogwoods are showing off!

It’s as if Mother Nature is completely oblivious to the current worldwide human tragedy unfolding before our eyes!! Yet there she is splashing greens, whites, pinks, yellows and purples across the landscape as if it’s her own private canvas. Like an answered prayer, spring arrives with its promise of hope and renewal.

As heartbreaking and difficult as these times are, it has forced us to pause…to look beyond ourselves and possibly inside ourselves. The world has become quieter, the sky bluer. The birds can hear themselves sing and the red tail hawk that flies above can surely see farther than ever before. In fact, Mother Nature would be perfectly happy if we all had to stay home forever!!

At some point, the crisis will be over. The hum of an over stimulated world will begin again. For now, let us embrace this gift of time. The time to be with our loved ones. The time to create, dance, sing, read, write, cry, laugh, eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired. The time to consider the plight of our fellow humans. To act upon our compassionate hearts, To help one another!! What part of today do we want to carry forward and what part of “before” do we want to keep.

Happy Earth Day!


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